Design and 3D Printing

Your ideas can be made real with our new Product Prototyping, 3D Printing and Presentation Services, featuring printing in over 20 different materials, including metals, glass and ceramics. We are your source for design, development and advertising as we offer the convenience of all-in-one package services to help you avoid the headache of dealing with multiple companies and to get you the same results in much faster turn around time.

When it comes to the actual process, it starts with you describing your idea to us or submitting a concept or a drawing. Based on your description we created a digital sculpture otherwise known as 3D model that we present to you in a form of a rendering and make necessary adjustments based on your feedback. We then choose a material and print it using the latest 3D printing technology available, in detail to the fractions of a millimeter (depending on material). Finally, we take photographs of the end result and ship you your idea made into a real object.

Subservices include: 3D Modeling and Design, Rendering, Photography and Printing. What we can make is really up to you, but can be anything from jewelry, key chains, or items with logos of your company to mechanical parts, tools and even toys and action figures. Contact us about larger objects or moving parts that require assembly. Click on samples below to visit our gallery for more detailed examples: